The Law Firm FWPA guarantees financial transparency and undertakes to keep you regularly informed of the amount of fees due for the work carried out


FWPA’s fees are calculated in accordance with the requirements of the French National Rules of Procedure for the French Lawyers

  • A quote or the estimated amount of the service to come is systematically proposed to the customer. We take into account the personal and financial situation of our clients

  • As is customary in the French legal profession, the prior payment of an advance on fees and costs is generally required. This provision is deducted from the amount of the last invoice issued. At the end of the service, an invoice will be issued listing all the payments made and the work done.

  • To the extent of the work done, a lawyer handling a case may charge a fee to the client, even if the case is taken away from the lawyer before it is concluded

  • Costs related to the case are billed to the client and are not included in the fees. These may include bailiff’s fees, official taxes, costs of searches, shipping costs, etc.

The official fees of the industrial property registration bodies (INPI, EUIPO, EPO, WIPO etc.) are always individualized and are re-invoiced. In case of payment abroad, bank charges are also charged to the customer. All charges are clearly identified on the invoices sent to the customer.

Several billing methods

Billing according to time spent

  • FWPA’s rates depend on the competence of the lawyers, their speciality, their seniority and the difficulty of the case. The hourly rate is between 280 and 450 euros (+ VAT)
  • The importance of the interests involved is also taken into consideration. The amount of time spent on the case, which is invoiced, depends in particular on the necessary research work required, the nature and difficulty of the case.
  • For a judicial procedure, an estimated amount is provided which remains indicative, because it is linked to the hazards of the procedure (duration of the trial, resistance of the opponent, …)

Billing according to a fixed price

For some services, a fixed price can be proposed to the client. It defines the services included in the fixed amount. It specifies the fees and related expenses.

Annual subscription agreement

For clients wishing to receive regular legal support for their activity, an annual subscription agreement can be concluded which includes a preferential rate for all specific legal services that are ordered, as well as a monthly follow-up of the services ordered, as well as a monthly follow-up of a few hours.

Result-based billing

For certain cases that may generate a significant economic result for the client, a specific fee agreement may be mixed and provide for a fee based on the result obtained or success, but always in addition to a fixed sum (as required by the French Bar regulations).


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