Intellectual property rights-protection

Patents, trademarks, designs and models, copyrights
What to do with your inventions, creations (copyrights, designs and models), and your distinctive signs (trademarks, domain names)
Filing, extensions abroad
Negotiating and drafting of exploitation agreement (licence), assignment of IP rights

intellectual property rights-litigation

Trade secrets, NDA, unfair competition, seizure (infrigement),
Pre-litigation and litigation regarding patents, TM, designs, copyrights,
UPC (unified patent court) new european framework for patent litigation

labor issues

Labor pre-litigation and litigation
Employer compliance, drafting of company agreements
BSPCE (warrants to subscribe to business creators’ shares) and incentive package
Startups support

startups, business law and corporate

Creation of companie, shareholders agreements,  governance,
Shareholders’ pre-litigation and litigation
Support for fundraising, early stage and serie A, BSA Air (Share Subscription Warrant)
Business contracts

digital law, data and personal data

Protection of source codes
Data enhancement, assignement or licence agreement
Digital criminal law
GDPR compliance, register support, privacy policy, PIA

press law and responsibility for online content

Protecting you against denigration, defamation, fraudulent contents
Online illegal content
Online reputation protection

criminal law of business affairs

Business ethics and fight against corruption

Alternative dispute resolution

Negotiating and concluding agreements
UDRP domain name dispute resolution

public law

Public procurement contracts
Re-use of public data
Disputes concerning legality
Contracts and IP litigation for public persons

Law firm FWPA

Intellectual property protection and litigation
Business Law
Labor Law
GDPR personal data protection
Digital Law


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