The Law Firm FWPA is faithful to its values


The guarantee of independent professionals

FWPA is a company wholly owned and managed by lawyers who practice within it.

It is not a member of any exclusive professional network and remains free in all circumstances to choose the correspondents that it considers to be the most suitable for each situation. With the interests of its clients as its sole guide, FWPA scrupulously avoids any type of conflict of interest.


A partner in charge of your file

Each file entrusted to FWPA is handled under the responsibility of a partner assisted by a collaborator and an assistant whose names are given to you when your file is open

When the interests involved or the technical nature of the case require it, the skills of several FWPA partners can be called upon as well as, if necessary, those of the consultants attached to FWPA.

These different parties work under the coordination of the partner in charge of your file so that you always have a single contact person


A team to meet your needs

At FWPA, the partners, associates, assistants, consultants and correspondents gather as a team that is committed to working with you so that you always have a contact person able to keep you informed in real time of developments in your case. The team is committed to being available and responsive.

In all circumstances, FWPA is committed to adapting its means to your needs.


Full financial transparency

A quotation including the fees and the expenses that can be anticipated will be systematically offered to you.
FWPA undertakes to keep you regularly informed of the amount of the fees due regarding the diligences carried out. All our invoices are detailed, and FWPA keeps a precise record of the time spent by each person on your file.


Professional networks at your service

FWPA is regularly in contact with correspondents, in France and abroad, and is a member of the following professional networks

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Business Law
Labor Law
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